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Welcome to the web page of the unofficial Still Cruisin' car club. There are no officers, dues or meetings.  We are just a group of people that love to get together with others who share our interest in classic cars.  Our home cruise is Bonnie Doon Drive-In on Lincoln Way near Ironwood.   From May till September, or until the weather gets too cold, our favorite DJ, Joe Carroll - WJOEpm - plays our favorite rock and roll tunes from his music booth from 5 until 8 PM on weekend cruise-ins and 6 PM to 8 PM on weeknights. When cruising season ends in the fall we head

over to Martins Deli on the river by Ironwood from 4 till around 7 PM on Sundays

The weekday cruises continue to shut down for the season.  J.D's Truck Stop and

Diesel Diner is the latest one to close for the season.  If you know of any others that are listed below that are now closed or planning on closing please leave a message

in the comments section at the bottom of the page.  Thank you Mary for posting that

the Granger Dairy Queen Tuesday night cruise-in is done for the season.